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Does your current ICAS (Industrial Compressed Air Systems) concept have you on edge? Are you worried about “what can go wrong” after the build? Did you anticipate leaks and damages to happen much later?

These are a few design-related concerns that Kuegler Associates helps companies avoid altogether with precise Industrial Compressed Air Systems designs.

For example, Do you know which leak causes the most damage to Industrial Compression Air Systems?

Sure, oil and contaminants are annoying. But they can be resolved with a few filtration adjustments. On the contrary, water vapor-related issues can be a real headache. Why? Because identifying condensation leaks in your industrial air compression system can be difficult and left unchecked can result in costly consequences.

Mechanical damages include:

  • premature piping corrosion and deterioration of rubber seals
  • overuse of air compression system to compensate for waste energy
  • Increases in pressure drop cause loss of air-powered machine performance

Cosmetic damages include:

  • micro-organism contamination in food processing plants
  • lowers the structural integrity of cardboard boxes
  • moisture can lead to safety hazards

And in some cases, you may need emergency repairs which slows your operation and affects your bottom line!

Fortunately, there are five ways to lower industrial compressed air system malfunctions:

  1. Listen and track air leaks – typically a hissing sound or using an ultrasound leak detector to isolate the leak.
  2. Consult with an ICAS (Industrial Compressed Air Systems) expert before expanding your factory – adjusting the calibration and sometimes the size of your compressed air system is essential for energy effectiveness.
  3. Get familiar with the main components of an industrial compressed air system – compressors, dryers, after-coolers, drip legs, filters, and water separators.
  4. Check for condensation – signs include cold sweating pipes, rusted areas, drips, and dry/cracked sealants.
  5. Remove the water from the separator collection pots – to avoid spillage and internal system issues.

Although understanding the risks of a faulty industrial air compression system and following the best practices to minimize them are helpful, it’s best to take a proactive approach. That means working with ICAS professionals like Kuegler Associates. Our motto is “Design Right = Built Right” because our engineers’ design for precision, using industry-grade tools, and stay up to date with HVAC system designs and energy management.

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