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ICU Project

Renovation to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Renovation to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Renovation to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Hospital of Saint Raphael New Haven, CT

KA Construction Value*: $550,000 *Construction values are based on Kuegler Associates portion of the work.

Area: 10,000 SF

General: Complete renovation of the existing surgical intensive care unit (SICU). Work included reconfiguring common spaces, replacing patient room head walls, installing new nurses station, and providing isolation room.

Fire Protection: Complete replacement of sprinkler heads and branch piping.

Plumbing: Replacement of branch medical gas piping including oxygen, medical air and vacuum. Replacement of branch cold water, hot water and tempered water piping. Sanitary and vent piping replacements. Replacement of plumbing fixtures.

Mechanical: Complete replacement and reconfiguration of all ductwork, diffusers and grilles. Reconfiguration of hot water piping and reheat coils. Replacement of controls. Installation of exhaust fan and HEPA filters for isolation room.

Electrical: Replacement of all branch wiring and extension of existing hospital distribution systems. Extensive coordination with architectural for interior lighting. Modifications to the following hospital systems: fire alarm, call for aid, medical gas monitoring, nurse call, paging (hospital wide and local), TV, data and patent monitoring.