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The health and safety of workers is extremely important and is
required by code to ensure fresh air and ventilation at all times.

Many industries must ensure a working environment free from stale air, especially if production creates dangerous fumes. As such, it’s critical that an industrial ventilation is installed to meet the regulations of the industry and properly maintained by a professional team to ensure a safe working environment for everyone. 

The infrastructure of an industrial ventilation system is significant and has a major impact on worker safety and job security. Here at Kuegler Associates we design ventilation systems that meet and exceed code regulations for a number of industries. 

At this time there are two different systems for maintaining air quality within a facility. 

Natural Ventilation

Just as the name implies, this system of ventilation relies on natural wind currents to allow the circulation of air. Ambient air can be responsible for venting some fumes, but this system is primarily to assist with the revolving of hot air from machinery and not for venting stale air. This is typically used in low risk settings.

Exhaust Ventilation

Exhaust Ventilation removes the contaminated air by utilizing suction. This is the system used by businesses who need to meet regulations for air circulation. By acting as a vacuum, the exhaust system vents all the bad air, creating a negative pressure environment. This pressure causes fresh air to rush in creating a safe environment for all workers. 

When designing these systems we must consider the layout of the building, the nature of the air, and many other factors to ensure quality and safety.  

After the air is exhausted, it’s important that the air recovered is temperature regulated to ensure hot or cold air is not entering the building at the wrong time. This is where a Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRF) Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) is critical. 

The VRF and DOAS systems work together to ensure proper heat recovery and energy transfer after the air has been ventilated through outdoor cooling systems and refrigerant pipes leading to indoor coils. These systems ensure that cool air is introduced into the environment instead of recycling outside air.

A major benefit of this system is the energy recovery. This system is designed to increase the energy recovered when air leaves and enters the building in relation to the amount of air being supplied. Regulations require at least 50% energy recovery, something Kuegler can help you achieve with our systems.

Worker Safety

As mentioned, industrial production processes can create harmful environments for workers. That is why the ventilation systems are so important. The risk of permanent damage to people in these environments can be extremely high, so it’s critical to ensure that the systems are designed properly.. 

There are several government regulations in place to ensure worker safety is met, so we work with businesses to ensure their systems are up to code either by installing a new system or repairing existing systems. 

By protecting the people in these environments you ensure that your company is not liable for regulation violations or the problems that might occur if one of your employees becomes injured. Industrial ventilation should be taken very seriously to ensure the longevity of the working environment and the safety of your team. 

Even if the business is not producing harmful fumes in the work environment, reducing the possibility of heat stroke or other conditions and creating a more enjoyable atmosphere benefits everyone. The health of people is important and industrial ventilation systems allow businesses to ensure a safe environment for everyone. 

Kuegler Associates is here to design a state-of-the-art ventilation system for your business. We will work with you to fit your budget and your industry to ensure a safe working environment for everyone.

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