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Air circulation is critical for many businesses to ensure the safety of employees and a healthy work environment. Venting warm rooms and stale air requires a well-designed system that complements the unique layout of your commercial building.

One of the most common of these systems is known as the “makeup” system. A makeup air system is an HVAC solution that pulls in fresh air from outside of the building and exhausts air that shouldn’t be recirculated. This exhausted air needs to be removed and made up, hence the name “makeup air system.”

Why it matters

Makeup air systems serve to reintroduce vented air, but many buildings lack such a system. These buildings often have a depressurized environment due to exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens. Typically this air is made up through leaks or cracks in the building, but with modern building standards, this is less likely.

If a makeup air system is not in place, the people within the building aren’t breathing fresh air. This can have a number of consequences and make the environment potentially dangerous, so it’s important that the air is properly circulated with an HVAC system.

The Benefits

A makeup air system provides a safe, consistent way to ensure indoor air quality. This reduces airborne pollutants and contaminants in the air by reducing the recirculated air inside. This protects the people inside the building from potentially harmful side effects of indoor air pollutants.

Kuegler Associates helps businesses design makeup HVAC systems that protect those within the building. HVAC systems can be complex, so it is important that these systems are designed to provide safe, fresh air to prevent long-term impacts of depressurization and recirculation.

Additionally, a depressurized environment can create a warm environment. This can have a negative impact on many appliances and machinery by causing them to run hotter and, consequently, reduce their lifespan. An HVAC system reduces the energy needed by these machines and improves energy efficiency and reduces the chances of seals breaking down due to excess moisture or heat.

We want to help commercial businesses ensure that they enjoy fresh, clean air 24/7. We design our systems with the highest quality parts to ensure longevity. We design these systems based on your unique needs to guarantee efficiency at all times and provide stable temperatures within the building. If you are interested in having a HVAC system designed, please contact us.