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As engineers, we always handled our IT in house. We utilized VPN’s and NAS storage for over 25 years and we always maintained our own systems. We ran our own mail servers for a time and for the last 15 years we have managed our own email. We faced some issues with remote work from time to time, but we wanted to spend less time maintaining our IT infrastructure and more time focusing on our clients.

So, we outsourced. Maintaining your own IT systems isn’t necessarily a challenge, but it’s time-consuming. There are frustrating moments and it can take away from valuable client calls and time with customers. That is why we outsourced our IT migration challenges and moved to the Microsoft cloud.

Making it Simple

Instead of maintaining our website and office IT by ourselves, we outsourced those challenges to InConcert Web Solutions and BNMC. We also invested in newer software like Office 365 and Azure cloud storage for file management and host sharing.

The process was extremely simple. InConcert helped us rebuild our entire website from the ground up with a simple phone call and some web hosting agreements. They handled the coding, writing, and designing, and we just worked with them to make a website we liked, and we have been able to put out consistent content on the site since they rebuilt it a few years ago. This has allowed us to put out a more professional face to the customers that visit our website and find us online.

The switch to Office 365 was great because we are paying $15 per person for an email service, but for the cost you get a lot more. Each person in your company gets a corporate presence starting with the full suite of Office apps. Users can install Office applications directly to any workstation, whether it’s a home or work machine. This allows users to work from the cloud remotely using a basic web browser version of Office applications. This has massively improved our user management and increased our data security.

During the pandemic, we have begun using Microsoft Teams to work remotely as well as Microsoft Onedrive for easier file sharing between our team. AutoDesk has also made license renewal and CAD software installation available from the cloud, so it’s been extremely easy for us to work from home without any issues.

Switching to cloud for our users has let us reduce our time spent fixing IT problems. We know our applications are always up-to-date, even on remote machines. We’ve saved time and money using InConcert and BNMC and we highly recommend them for any business in our area looking to make their lives easier!

If you are looking for a way to save time and money, this is the way to go. If you are using outdated applications in an attempt to save money, it is actually hurting you in the long run. Not upgrading licenses and working with older application versions will cost you more money in time and headaches. By shifting to these new applications and services we are coming out ahead by pushing ourselves to streamline and increase our productivity.

Keep an eye out for part two on how we are leveraging Microsoft Teams and Revit in the cloud to work on electrical and mechanical design projects, as well as MEP coordination projects. Using Teams and Revit in the cloud has been a game-changer, and we’re excited to share more about it with you.