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Renovation to Building 83KA Construction Value*: $4,800,000, Area: 105,000 SF

General: Complete fire protection, plumbing, mechanical and electrical renovation of a 4 story office building with attached gymnasium. The navy requires design analysis with detailed construction cost estimates.


Fire Protection: Complete replacement of sprinkler heads mains and branch piping. Installation of an electric driven fire pump.

Plumbing: Replacement of all plumbing fixtures, equipment and piping.

Mechanical: Complete replacement of the HVAC system. Replacement system was based on VAV system with rooftop units, series VAV boxes and perimeter baseboard heat. The building was provided with a complete DDC control system.

Electrical: Complete replacement of the building electrical system from the base high voltage network, including specification of transformers, interior power and lighting. A 480 volt distribution system was utilized for all mechanical equipment and lighting loads reducing the electrical system cost. Step down transformers were provided in each electric room for the receptacle loads. An addressable fire alarm system with a radio link was provided to the base central station. Telephone and data back boards were provided throughout the building with power and grounding means.

*Construction values are based on Kuegler Associates portion of the work.