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As buildings age, they develop cracks and problems. It is a natural process, and one to be expected for any building. As a space is used, wear and tear will eventually leave its toll. 

Building surveys and studies are intended to assist building owners in assessing the current state of their property. This could be for a home purchase, yearly assessment, or insurance inspection. Regardless of the reason, building surveys are a critical part of ensuring a structure does not endanger its inhabitants.

What about building studies? Building studies are more focused on architecture than the actual structure of the home. They are intended to inform and inspire, rather than provide certain facts on the state of the home. We will dive into each one and provide more detail below.

Building Surveys

Building surveys, as the name implies, are performed to survey the property, assess its current state, and make recommendations on how to remediate problems. Typically, they are performed when a new owner takes over the building, or insurance companies need more information on the property.

These surveys are relatively cheap and should be undertaken fairly regularly to ensure the integrity of a structure. Homeowners especially will benefit from them, as there are many factors involved in keeping up a home, and many homeowners may not be aware of them. 

However, surveys are typically focused on cosmetic and surface-level issues, and it may take some digging to find more prevalent issues within the home. We recommend building owners take part in building surveys fairly regularly to ensure they catch any overlooked issues before they snowball into larger problems.

Building Studies

Unlike building surveys, building studies are not intended to find and address issues. They are focused on the architecture and can be used to influence the construction of future buildings based on socioeconomic factors, location, incline, materials used, and other information.

These studies provide contextual historical information on structures and the people who lived in them, but they also have practical uses, namely what new forms of construction resulted in failure or success.

Innovative Construction

Building surveys and studies are a critical part of how we continue to create new designs and modify existing ones. For every firm, this information allows them to correct issues, develop new structures, and improve designs. 

Studies and surveys have always been a crucial part of understanding our history and the environment that impacts buildings. While it may seem simple, this information allows us to create safer structures and develop our understanding of how different materials and designs may play into the history of a building.

At Kuegler Associates, we are always focused on innovation. The building surveys and studies we perform allow us to continue innovating our services for our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality we provide and the insight we share with our customers is built on years of experience and knowledge. If you need a building survey, look no further. We are here to help no matter the size of the structure. 

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